Broken Pipe flood

Despite efforts, water continues to gush after pipe bursts in southwest Detroit By Robert Allen Detroit Free Press Staff Writer Water continues to flow in a southwest Detroit neighborhood, where flooding from a broken water main swamped cars and turned a street into a river.”We’ve had a hard time,” said Darryl Latimer, deputy director of

Concrete Falls

The Big Dig ceiling collapse occurred on July 10, 2006, when a concrete ceiling panel weighing 3 short tons (2,700 kg) and measuring 20 by 40 feet (6.1 by 12.2 m) fell in Boston’s Fort Point Channel Tunnel (which connects to the Ted Williams Tunnel). The panel fell on a car traveling on the two-lane

Car Swallowed

Burlington Mall reopens after sinkhole incident By Jacqueline Tempera / Globe Correspondent / February 21, 2014 The Burlington Mall reopened this morning, after a water main break in the mall’s parking lot forced the building to close Thursday afternoon, a mall spokeswoman said. The break outside the Sears store caused a Toyota Camry to dip

House Explosion

Associated Press in Ewing Tuesday 4 March 2014 22.13 EST New Jersey gas explosion: one dead and 10 homes destroyed after line cut Woman’s body found on car and seven more people injured in fireball as workers tried to repair damaged main. Police said the blast happened on Tuesday after a gas line was damaged

Worker Electrocuted

by Drew Karedes / KHOU 11 News Posted on February 24, 2014 at 5:13 PM HOUSTON – Two workers died Monday afternoon after an industrial accident involving an electrical line. According to the Houston Fire Department, a construction vehicle hit an electrical line and the two victims who were working nearby got electrocuted. CPR

Find Water

A geophysical survey was needed to locate the water table on a property. Ground penetrating radar can be used to find the saturated soil which appears as a layer in the GPR data.

Scan the Wall

Sometimes corners are cut during construction. A structural engineer was notified that reinforcing steel was not placed in a cinder block wall when the wall was built. A GPR service provider was hired to scan the wall. The contractor identified which cells were hollow, which were filled and which cells had rebar in them.

Locate UST

Write Petroleum was selling a gas station property. During the financing process the bank found a record of a former underground storage tank (UST). Before the sale was completed, a ground penetrating radar survey had to be conducted to determine if the tank was still there or had been removed. After the inspection was complete,

Lost Pipe Found

Turner Construction needed to locate a lost water line. They contacted a GPR service provider to help find the hidden pipe underground. Using utility locating GPR the contractor found the pipe using a 400Mhz hi resolution Ground Penetrating Radar.

Rebar Located

An engineering firm in Manchester was hired to assess a concrete slab to identify is there was any reinforcing steel in the concrete. They used Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate and map the location of the rebar. The data was them captured and presented to their client.