What is Ground Penetrating Radar – GPR

Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR for short is a five decade old technology with NEW uses and applications within the structural and civil construction industries. It is the missions of GPR one Source LLC bring together GPR internet searchers with GPR contractors who can provide the services needed. We also provide GPR resources for consumers and contractors to learn more about ground penetrating radar industry. Lastly, we showcase leading GPR equipment manufacturers who highlight the latest advances in the technology and new products.

Below are a few of the common applications for Ground Penetrating Radar.


A main use for GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) or Concrete X-Ray can be used to survey concrete to identify objects inside concrete. Read More >


GPR one Source will use four point plan leverging a two decades of markeing, sales and SEO expeience to drive GPR searchers to our member companies. Read More >


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