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GPR Services

Concrete Scanning

Concrete Scanning services can help locate Rebar, Conduit, PT Cable, Voids, Pipes, Deterioration, Thickness, Clear place to core.

Utility Locating

Utility Locating services can help locate Pipes, Tanks, Drums, Voids, Debris.

Road Way Scanning

Road Way Scanning services can help determine Pavement Thickness.

Bridge Deck Scanning

Bridge Deck Scanning can help locate Rebar, Deterioration, Concrete Cover over Rebar.

Geopshysical Investigation

Geopshysical Investigation services can help locate  Sink Holes, Bed Rock, Water Table, Debris.

Miscellaneous Scanning

Contractors have many more services like Golf Course, Forensic if the services you need is not listed please contact us.