GPR Contractor

Today contractors constantly deal with the issue of finding new business. The success and long term growth of their company depends on the “new customer” It is our goal to help the GPR contractor grow their business with GPR leads and helpful resources to support growth. See our short video to learn more

Benefits of Becoming a member

New Business Leads

GPR one Source will use four point plan leverging a two decades of markeing, sales and SEO expeience to drive GPR searchers to our member companies.

GPR – Resources

GPR one Source will have resources that can help your business grow, run more effectively, GPR tips, and have access to other members who may be able to help with GPR challenges.

GPR – Starter Kit

Starting a Ground Penetrating Radar business can be a daunting task. Where to get good advice? Who to buy from? Where to buy from? What to buy are only a few on the critical questions you should know before starting GPR scanning business.

New Clients

It is GPR one Source’s goal to provide your company with new clients. These new customers could generate thousands of dollars in addition revenue for your business.

GPR – Scan Alert

We want to get our company members leads as fast and efficiently as possible. Each time a searcher requests a quote from one of our client members, we will alert you with the request.

GPR – Knoledge Base

As your company grows challenges will arise and having a place to ask questions, learn and grow will be important to your companies success.

GPR – Equipment Sales

We will promote member GPR manufacturer members on GPR one Source. They will offer product news and sales for their GPR equipment.

GPR – Forum (Ask the Scan Man)

One of the unique aspects of our site will be a question and answer forum. GPR one Source will help teach new techniques, provide training tips, and show ways to support our members.

GPR – Used Equipment

We will post and advertise used equipment by promoting it on our website

GPR – Referral Program

When building a network of independent GPR Service providers, GPR one Source created a way to leverage this large network to benefit the searcher and our member contractor. If at any time a GPR receives a service lead that is not in their business area and they direct the potential customer to GPR one Source, the member contractor will receive a discount applied to the following year’s membership.